For Models

We are a team of two people of this industry, a man and a woman, and we love the models who run from casting to casting all week. Nymphs is made for the models, so all models are welcome to contact us for Introduction. We like nudes yes, but it’s not necessary.

Here is what we do for you

  1. Introduction at the front page of NYMPHS
  2. Exclusive photo-shoot with one of our photographers.
  3. Be the cover of the Book of Nymphs.
  4. Become a NYMPH Online or in the Book

Here is what we want from you

  1. Your full name
  2. Your mother agency with a link to your portfolio
  3. Full stats/measurements
  4. Your professional photos and/or photos from your instagram feed
  5. All your social links (facebook/instagram etc)
  6. Your contact info

NYMPHS : Basic Requirements

  • You are a MODEL
  • You are HOT
  • You can send us a collection from your portfolio, a test or a spicy collection from your instagram feed.
  • Number of photographs. At least 5.
  • There are no restrictions about how the photographs should be.